How to Stimulate Facial Hair Growth?


To stimulate facial hair growth, you can use facial hair growth products. These products contain ingredients that have a positive effect on non-active hair follicles to make them active. A product that is well-known for stimulating are beard growth oils. A combination of oils can be merged in a beard growth serum. Do you want to stimulate your facia hair growth? Here are some useful tips!

How beard growth works


Beard hairs can benefit from certain hormones in your body. These hormones can trigger your hairs to grow faster, especially during puberty. When you get older these hormones get less active and your beard hair will grow less quickly.

But these hormones are not the main reason why there are differences in the amount of beard growth and thickness of the beard between people. This is because of genetics which play the most important part in beard growth. In fact, some people are more predisposed to this because their father or other ancestors had a full beard. In order to stimulate beard growth you could use facial hair growth products.

Tips for beard growth

A healthy beard is not just about washing and trimming – it’s also about proper nutrition. If you are looking for a lush and strong beard, you need to make sure you are giving your body the right nutrients. A good start is to add foods rich in vitamins A, B and C to your diet. These vitamins are essential for good beard growth and health, as they contribute to healthy hair follicles and skin. Also look for foods high in zinc, such as seafood, beans and nuts. Zinc supports hair growth and helps your beard look fuller and healthier. It is also important that you get enough protein and healthy fats. Protein helps build strong and healthy hair, while the healthy fats in foods like avocados and olive oil keep your skin hydrated and healthy. So if you want to keep your beard looking its best, make sure you’re getting the right nutrition!

The second tip is that you should wash and moisturize your skin and beard carefully. You should keep your pores open by exfoliating your face to improve dead skin cells and debris from around each hair follicle. It also helps to reduce ingrown hairs from occurring under the beard line.

The last tips are that that you should get enough sleep, use healthy products for your beard and quit smoking to improve your overall health of your beard. You will notice to start seeing a big chance in a matter of weeks!


How to get a thicker beard?

Keeping your beard clean and moisturized helps your beard to appear thicker. There is no specific regimen that is scientifically proven to thicken hair, however a beard growth serum with certain hair growth molecules and plant extracts can ensure a fuller beard. Furthermore, it moisturizes the skin and keeps the beard nourished, what makes it looking lusher and thicker.