The Rise of Sweepstakes Casinos in the USA: Everything You Need to Know


The last decade has witnessed a fascinating shift in the gaming industry. As the legality and accessibility of online casinos remain a debated issue across several states in the US, a new model has emerged — the sweepstakes casino.

This model is a unique workaround to the constraints posed by conventional online gambling regulations. The allure of sweeps coins casinos is not just because they offer an alternative to traditional gambling sites but also because they present an intriguing fusion of gaming, luck, and the potential for real prizes.

In this article, we will delve into the dynamics and the framework of nowadays sweepstakes casinos and how they’ve carved a niche for themselves in the US market.

Legal Framework


The United States gambling landscape is a labyrinth of regulations, a patchwork of state-specific laws and federal statutes that create a dynamic and, at times, convoluted legal environment.

Within this framework, traditional online casinos and social casinos have found their places, albeit in distinct legal terrains. Let’s dissect the complexities to understand the delineation.

Traditional Online Casinos

  1. Federal Laws: At the federal level, acts such as the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of 2006 constrain online gambling operators from accepting payments related to unlawful internet gambling. However, defining what constitutes “unlawful” is left to individual states.
  2. State Legislation: Online gambling’s legality varies from state to state. While states like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware have fully regulated and licensed online casinos, others prohibit them outright or remain in legal gray areas.
  3. Licensing and Operations: Traditional online casinos require licenses to operate. These licenses are granted by specific state gaming boards, which ensure the casinos meet stringent criteria, from game fairness to security measures and responsible gambling practices.

Sweepstakes Casinos

  1. The Sweepstakes Model: Unlike regular casinos that operate on real-money wagering, social sweepstakes casinos use a unique model where players buy virtual currency like “Gold Coins” that cannot be redeemed for cash. In addition to this purchase, players are given “Sweeps Coins” or another virtual currency, which can be used to play games and can be cashed out for real money.
  2. The “No Purchase Necessary” Clause: Central to the sweepstakes model is the principle that players can obtain the playable currency without purchasing. Methods like mail-in requests or social media engagements usually do this. This approach ensures they align with US sweepstakes laws, which mandate that purchase should not be necessary to participate in or win a sweepstake.
  3. Legal Loophole: The model cleverly bypasses traditional gambling definitions since players technically play with free sweepstakes entries, even if they’re in the guise of a virtual currency. It falls outside most gambling regulations since they’re not directly wagering real money.
  4. State-by-State Acceptance: While sweeps cash gaming platforms have a broader reach than traditional online casinos, some states, like Washington, have been more resistant to their operation.

List of Sweepstakes Casinos


Navigating the evolving world of online gaming? Promotional social casinos have emerged as an exciting alternative to traditional platforms. Leveraging unique legal frameworks, they offer both entertainment and potential rewards. Below are the top sweepstakes casinos in this innovative realm:

  1. Sweeptastic
  3. Chumba
  4. WOW Vegas
  5. Funzpoints
  6. Chumba
  7. High 5 Casino
  9. Penn Play
  10. McLuck
  12. Bingoport
  13. Fliff
  14. Sportzino
  15. Zula

Sweeps Cash Casinos: Mobile Accessibility


Playing on the go is non-negotiable. Therefore, it’s crucial that casinos offer either a mobile-friendly website or an intuitive app.

With our recommendations, rest assured you can indulge in your favorite games whenever and wherever the mood strikes.

Diverse Gaming Options

For us, a top-tier sweepstakes casino boasts a broad spectrum of games – from captivating slots to classic table games and riveting video poker sessions.

Diversity in game selection keeps your experience vibrant. Moreover, we keep a keen eye on the frequency of new game additions. Regular updates? That’s a win in our view.


Sweepstakes Coins Casinos have risen in prominence, capitalizing on a unique model that merges the thrill of gaming with the promise of tangible rewards. Their emergence speaks to the adaptability of the online gaming industry, evolving in the face of complex US gambling regulations.

Whether their legal framework attracts you, the allure of diverse games, or the convenience of mobile play, these platforms are reshaping the online gaming landscape in the US. One thing’s certain as they continue to flourish: they’re a testament to innovation in a regulated digital world.