Review of Popular Online Entertainment Trends in 2024


The internet is a great place to have fun and relax. Many people like online entertainment more and more. This is because the pandemic and lockdowns make them stay at home. In this article, we will talk about some of the most popular trends in 2024. We will use statistics and real data.

Online games

Online games are one of the most popular entertainments on the internet. Statista says that there will be 3.24 billion gamers in the world in 2024. This is 5.6% more than the number of gamers in 2022. Online games have different genres: shooters, strategies, role-playing games, sports simulators, casual and mobile games. Newzoo is a website that provides market intelligence and analytics for games. It predicts that in 2024, mobile games will make the most money in the gaming industry (49% of the total revenue). Console games will make the second most money (28%). PC games will make the third most money (23%).

Some of the most popular games in 2024 are Call of Duty: Warzone, Fortnite, League of Legends, PUBG, GTA Online, Minecraft, Roblox, Among Us, Valorant, Apex Legends and others. These games have millions of fans around the world. They love their gameplay, graphics, plot, multiplayer and the ability to chat with other players. These games are also popular on platforms like Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming.

These platforms let people watch live or recorded gameplay. They can also chat with other users and support their favorite streamers. Sometimes, they can even join interactive events and challenges. StreamElements is a website that provides tools and insights for live streaming. It says that in 2022, Twitch was the leader in terms of watched hours (27.9 billion). YouTube Gaming was the second (11.7 billion). Facebook Gaming was the third (5.1 billion).

Online movies and shows


Online movies and shows are another popular entertainment. Statista says that in 2024, there will be 1.88 billion subscribers to online video services in the world. This is 9.3% more than in 2022. Online video services have a lot of movies and shows of different genres, countries and years of release. They also have exclusive content, made for these platforms. Some of the most popular online video services are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Apple TV+ and others.

The Witcher, Stranger Things, The Mandalorian, The Crown, Bridgerton, Squid Game, Lupin, The Boys, The Queen’s Gambit were very popular in 2024. These movies and shows have millions of viewers around the world. They love their script, acting, special effects, music and atmosphere. These movies and shows are also popular among critics and experts. They get high ratings and awards at various film festivals and ceremonies.

Online casino


Online casino is also very popular on the internet as a place with games for bright emotions. Grand View Research is a website that provides market research and consulting services. It reports that in 2024, the online gambling market will reach 127.3 billion dollars. This is 11.5% more than in 2022.

Online gambling has different types. Some of them are slots, poker, roulette, blackjack, bingo, sports betting and others. They have millions of fans around the world. They love their excitement, convenience, variety and the opportunity to win.

These popular casinos have a lot of games, high quality graphics and sound, security and privacy. Players like convenient ways of depositing, professional support, various promotions and loyalty programs.

Online education


Online education is also one of the popular, especially in the conditions of distance learning. Research and Markets says that in 2024, the online education market reach 319.2 billion dollars. This is 16.8% more than in 2022. Online education has different types: courses, online degrees, trainings, webinars, tests and others. They cover millions of students, teachers, professionals and enthusiasts around the world. Accessibility, flexibility,  interactivity and the opportunity to get skills in different fields are important advantages of online education.

Some of the most popular online education platforms are Coursera, Udemy, edX, Khan Academy, Skillshare, Udacity, FutureLearn, LinkedIn Learning and others. They offer a lot of online courses, created by leading universities and companies in the world. In addition, these platforms also let users communicate with other learners and teachers.

In this article, we talked about some of the most popular online entertainment trends in 2024. The main directions continue to gain popularity. Most likely, these same types of entertainment on the Internet will be popular in 2024.