Top 10 Industries That Market on Instagram


In this growing world of technology where everything is available online people use social media platforms for marketing their products and these products belong to different industries. Whenever we talk about social media Instagram is a name that gets highlighted in our minds.

Different industries use different platforms to market their products but Instagram is preferred by all of them. The reason behind their preferences is the rapid growth and day-by-day increasing popularity of Instagram. Today Instagram has around 2 billion active users, and 90% of them follow at least 1 business profile. These ratios make Instagram a great marketing opportunity for brands that belong to different industries.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 industries that use Instagram for their marketing.

1. Traveling Industry

When we talk about some of the largest Industries in the world the “Travel” industry is one of them. This is because modern travelers not only love traveling but also have a craze to post their traveling memories (pictures and videos) on social media platforms, especially Instagram.

The Travel industry already has a great grip on social media platforms as approx 60% of the travelers love to post pictures of their trips on social media platforms, 87% use social media for inspiration and 40% use social media to gather information for their holiday decisions. The data shows us how popular the travel industry is on Instagram.

2. Beauty Industry


Social media platforms like Instagram have always influenced people towards beauty. Today around 65% of teenagers explore and buy beauty products through social media platforms. Today Instagram has become the hub of the beauty industry as around 95% of global beauty brands are on Instagram.

Before making any decision to purchase, modern buyers do research on makeup hacks, product reviews, and beauty tutorials. The new features like IGTV videos on Instagram have made it even easier for beauty brands and influencers to post long videos which can provide sufficient information to their buyers regarding the products. IGTV videos can now be downloaded using an Instagram Video Downloader. Click here.

3. Fashion Industry

Instagram can not be considered just an app for communication. Instagram provides many different features to its users, one of them is Image sharing. This feature of Instagram has made it a powerful tool for fashion designers, editors, and bloggers, using this feature the fashion industry can grow to the next level.

The image sharing feature is used by Instagrammers to boost their fashion inspiration, follow fashion trends and explore the latest products. According to the data obtained from different sources, it is believed that the total revenue of the fashion industry in the year 2024 was around $689,884 million

4. Health and Fitness Industry

Today people have seen many uncertainties, like the pandemic and many more which have made them seriously concerned about their health. Also, the fitness craze is increasing day by day among teenagers and adults. It is seen that fitness and health are interrelated with each other. On social media platforms like Instagram, users are continuously looking for fitness products, tools, and workouts. According to the recent data collected from different sources in the year 2018, the fitness industry has generated around $94 Billion which makes it one of the fastest growing industries.

5. Education Industry


As the world is getting modernized, people have started to understand the importance of education. Different teaching institutions use social media platforms for their marketing purpose. Instagram is always preferred among other platforms as it provides features to post feeds in the form of pictures, reels, and long videos which are used by the education industry to increase involvement rates and boost attendance at events like workshops and drills. This has rapidly boosted the growth of the education industry.

6. Entertainment Industry

Today every celebrity whether star or superstar whether actor, writer, director, or dancer is present on Instagram. Since they know that their fans love to see their lifestyle and follow them. The Entertainment Industry uses different features of Instagram to share reviews, trailers, and interviews in the form of feeds. Instagram not only helps the stars but the entire Industry of entertainment to grow and gain profit. These features have helped the Entertainment Industry to flourish in stiff competition.

7. Real Estate Industry

Instagram can effectively be used by brokers, agents, developers, and property managers to show their property to the consumers who have the potential to deal with them. Instagram features like photo sharing and hashtags can be used to help dealers in increasing their audience and let their audience gain complete information regarding the location and features about property that has grabbed their interest towards it

8. Music Industry


Music is loved by everyone, in a study it is found that 20% of people consider music as their real friend. People not only love listening to music but also love to play musical instruments like guitar and flutes. The music industry has always prevailed among other industries as it can be seen that famous singers and musicians have the highest number of followers on Instagram. Instagram has helped the Music Industry to prevail in hard times and grow rapidly.

9. Photography Industry

Instagram is a photo-sharing tool and as a photo-sharing tool, it can be said that photography is the main component of Instagram. Today 95 million photos and videos are uploaded on Instagram daily. To create cohesive feeds for Instagram both brands and Influencers need to take eye-catching photos. Thus due to this reason, the photography Industry is one of the most popular and profitable industries on Instagram. You can find more about this on IGInstant.

10. Food Industry

There is no denying that food is one of the most essential elements for survival but the food is not only limited to survival, it has taken a form of craze and made people obsessed with it. The people obsessed with food call themselves foodies. Instagram can be seen as a perfect spot for influencers like food bloggers, restaurants, and chefs to attract customers to them. With so many foodies around the globe, the food industry has many opportunities to market its products on Instagram and attract people to the rapidly growing industry.


Instagram is a social media platform that is one of the most useful platforms on the internet. Influencers and businesses from different industries effectively use Instagram and their followers for their marketing as it has been proven to be fruitful.