Are Succulents Better in Sun or Shade – 2024 Guide

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In order to successfully take care of your succulents, you need to invest minimal effort. You must know that these plants love light, but they also have other requirements when it comes to soil. These are very practical and decorative plants, and cacti also belong to that group. They are ideal for people who do not have enough experience in growing flowers. Succulents retain water in leaves, stems or roots.

This makes them the right choice for those who can’t manage to water the flowers on a regular basis or who simply can’t grow plants. However, you need to be familiar with the basic care of this type of plant. You need to know how often you need to water your plant, but also which location suits it best. For example, many people are not sure whether succulents enjoy the sun or the shade more. Find out everything you need to know about growing and maintain succulents and they will make you home beautiful.

Amount of sunlight that succulents need

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Succulents need at least 6 hours of sunlight to be healthy and to thrive. These plants simply adore bright and sunny locations. Otherwise, they may show bigger problems during development. For example, the consequences of a bad environment are elongation or etiolation, which means that the plants stretch much longer than they should. They do it just to get the light they need. Of course, it is necessary to establish a good balance when it comes to the amount of light that the plant receives.

If you leave the plant in the strong sun for too long, it can get burns and other visible changes. In that case, you will have a very bad effect on the general health of your plant, which means that you will significantly weaken the stem and encourage poor growth. You should keep in mind that plants that do not get enough light will have a bad appearance, that is, they will lose their vivid pigmentation so they won’t have the same look as when you bought it at the succulent market. They will turn pale or get a dull green color. However, if you take proper care of succulents, they will show their full range of vivid colors.

Types of succulents that like shade

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Although most of these plants adore sunlight, there are some species that prefer shade. They are mostly very small plants or those that have just reproduced. The reason is excessive sensitivity. So you need to provide them with enough shade so that they are not damaged by the sun. You will recognize these plants by their color, not only by their size. For example, plants that are red, gray, blue or densely covered with thorns are happier in the sun. There are also species that are resistant to the sun. They are accustomed to staying indoors which means they will be subject to sun damage. If you have this species, be careful when exposing the plant to the sun for the first time, because these plants will not behave well under direct sunlight.

This is important for baby plants or newly propagated plants. You need to wait for a certain period to pass in order for them to become more mature, and until then you have to keep them protected. Remember that the position of sunlight varies during the day. This means that you will probably have to move the plant more often during the day. If you find this tedious, try to find a location that will best suit your succulents. While some may prefer the morning sun, others will be happier during the afternoon heat or in areas where there is shade. You will learn this through trial and error.

Ideal location for succulents

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If you keep the plant indoors, you must not forget the required amount of light required by this plant. Therefore, it is best to place it on the east, west or south window. People who keep plants outdoors must protect them from direct sunlight, but you will gradually expose your plant to the sun. You will do this in a few days by moving it more and more directly to the sun. Before winter begins, you must bring them inside.

Watering succulents

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Now that you know how succulents react to the sun, it is important to pay attention to the amount of water you give your plants. Too much water can be just as dangerous for them, just as too much sun exposure. So, any extreme situation is very bad for this plant. A balance needs to be struck. Due to too much water, the root germinates.

To be sure that you are doing the right thing, you need to think about this in accordance with the annual good. For example, during the summer, succulents are in the growing season, which means that they need regular watering.

This means that you will water them about every two weeks, but it all depends on the size of the pot and the condition of the plant. During the winter, your plants are dormant and their need for water is minimal. During this period, you can water them every month or two. It is best to water the plant thoroughly, but soak it occasionally.

The water must flow directly into the pot with the soil, but it must also flow into a drainage vessel. That is why their pots have holes in the bottom. The soil must be dry until the next watering, but there are signs that your plant wants more water. For example, these are crumpled leaves. Then water the plant earlier than expected.


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Your succulents will be in excellent health if you provide them with the necessary amount of light and water. If your plant is Agave, Aloe vera, Krasula, Sempervivum, Zebra cactus or Sedu morganinum, be sure they all adore the warmer conditions. In addition, pay attention to the weather conditions. Although these plants are not susceptible to diseases, they need to be cleaned periodically so that they are not attacked by mites or red spider mites. Regular cleaning will prevent the parasites from settling and your plant will be grateful for that.