Are Paladins Good Tanks In World Of Warcraft TBC? 

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Technology has given entertainment a new dimension. People have incorporated technology in every walk of entertainment such as theater, music, etc. One such aspect and result of technological advancement is the gaming industry.

It has given wings to various multiplayer and online games which were once impossible to imagine. World of Warcraft (WoW) is one of the most enthralling survival games people get addicted to.

There are numerous characters and features World of Warcraft offers. Many people get these features free of cost. There are some features and gears that are offered at a certain cost. Scams and frauds are common while dealing in such gears. A person should buy this equipment and gear from reputed sources like WoW Boost.

One such popular roleplay or character in the game is a paladin. They are a particular class that can change their roles according to situations. But, many players have a question about whether these paladins are worth buying or adapting. The following guide highlights how paladins benefit your gameplay and are they worth having?

Understanding Paladins

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A major question comes into the picture who are paladins, and what is their focus area. As mentioned earlier, it is a hybrid class who have specialization in functioning three crucial roles – healing (holy), tanking (protection), and DPS (retribution). They can defend weak enemies of different classes.

These three functions in World of Warcraft help a player at different stages. They are known as holy knights that can use shields throughout the gameplay. Many pro players have defined paladins as a great class as they are able;e to go through various upgrades and customizations.

Paladins have striking features, talents, and abilities. The following section will give an overview of the talents and abilities of the paladins.

  • These tribes can righteously defend their team players and attack enemies with a decent scope of 40 yards. They are so powerful that even the toughest enemies find it difficult to attack.
  • In the case of paladins, you gain more mana if you take more damage. They can manage their rotations more effectively than most other classes.
  • Their accuracy is brilliant. In one shoot, a person can kill three enemies on average.
  • Paladins are useful tools to convert your threat generation into successful calls during the encounter.
  • There are various impressive features of paladins, including managing Damage over Time (DoT).
  • Seal of Blood is a great characteristic of this class. This feature helps convert your damage into holy damage. They reduce threat generation.
  • They are useful for having decent mobility while traveling or riding.
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The skills of paladins increase with various boosters and gears. The following features give a boost to paladin’s skillset.

  • The two most vital talents that are helpful for paladins are combat expertise and sacred duty. They enhance the stamina of these characters. This talent helps the survival rate of the player.
  • The holy shield can upscale the effectiveness and efficiency of the player. For eight hits in 10 seconds, a player can be protected. They will not get crushed using this shield power.
  • Ardent defender is a great talent that aids a player to get high survival and shield even at low HP. However, a player cannot reduce damage using ardent defender if their tank has HP higher than 35%.
  • Apart from these talents, there are many modifications available in existing abilities. These talents include enhanced righteous fury, redoubt, reckoning, crusader seal, one-handed weapon & tools specialization.

However, there are some weaknesses in the class. Firstly, the DPS this class has is very less than other tanks. Many players complain about the minimal difference they carry compared to other tanks.

Secondly, some players do not get a decent HP. If you have good power, it is possible to get low HP. Moreover, when a player has these tanks, they cannot buy multiple gears. Even if some gears are available, they will not match the class.

Major Functions Of Paladins

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As discussed earlier, the three major roles that paladins perform are healing, tanking, and damaging. These three roles are described hereunder.


Healing is one of the crucial functions for excelling in gameplay. This function gives a player’s allies healing or surviving power. They protect against the death rate. Various upgrades in healing gears carry according to their efficacy.


Like healing, tanking refers to damaging the enemies’ base besides protecting the allies’ base. Paladins go to the most vulnerable and damage-prone areas and force the enemies to back foot.


As the name suggests, paladins attack the enemies with full protective gears. They have a great damage control rate. They use the Damage Over Time (DOT) function to hold more damage while attacking a decent number of enemies. This function damages the enemies at regular intervals. They can arrange players in a mob and control a particular side from damage.

Final Take

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Paladins are a useful class in World of Warcraft that can boost your gameplay at a decent rate. They can shield your clan and mitigate damage from the enemy. With triple functions, they are efficient in mastering different gear categories.

Considering various functions and abilities of paladins, a player always looks for paladins if they have enough resources. At different levels, players should keep an eye on upgrading and modifying these characters. Features like spell power, mana supply, etc., should be checked regularly to utilize most of this class.

These paladins indirectly help in boosting the health and survival of the player. They can bind players together and effectively handle damage from enemies. Therefore, paladins are valuable classes for players at some point in time.